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Welcome to Serena

Live in a state-of-the-art residence that offers exclusive shared areas and services. Our wide range of units will satisfy a clientele that chooses to live in a living in a distinguished, safe and warm environment.

Surrounded by mature trees, la residence Serena is located on the banks of the Rivière l’Achigan. You will be able to enjoy the view and the proximity of the river.

Available for rent

2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2 and1/2

Everything has been designed to satisfy your needs in terms of activities and social interaction.

“What if we created place that is unique, warm, reassuring and inviting ? A place for social activities and fun for active retirees on a daily basis.”

— Paul Arbec
President, Serena

Serena is a place to...

Selecting Serena means adopting a socially stimulating lifestyle for a retirement that is rich in human human experience.

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